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What it does

Users watching submit directional commands to guide our deathbot around a room.

How I built it

Using 80x20 aluminum, scavenged wheelchair motors, and nylon wheels, we assembled the deathbot's body and powered it with two car batteries for killer driving power. The motor control is implemented with an arduino Mega, using simple PWM. The beaglebone black connects the deathbot to the IoT with a router mounted onboard and a webcam serves as the robot's eyes. The users can view the world through the deathbot's point of view on and submit motor commands via the chat interface.

Challenges I ran into

We were trying to use two scavenged cameras at first that ended up being broken so we switched to a webcam at the last second. Getting everything pulled together in the last moments is proving to be a challenge, particularly in trying to get the chat interface to play nicely with how we send commands from it to the deathbot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The 80x20 kit gives our deathbot a very polished look.

What I learned

??? It is hard to account for everything that might go wrong!

What's next for ╬╝Sentinel

Maybe scrap the deathbot a bit to build a self driving go-kart

Built With

  • arduino-mega
  • beaglebone-black
  • python
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