Our Inspiration

We are three college kids who love data. We ask our friends about anything just for the sake of statistics, and we play with excel spreadsheets for fun. To ask our friends, we had to use several online surveys websites. And... they were all ugly, boring and didn't care about the respondents (how to share the results with our friends?). It was time to change that! So we decided to declare war to the boredom of creating a survey. We wanted to create a web app that is as easy as possible to use, and which makes the respondents happy.

How Sentimy works?

Sentimy provides an easy way to create an online survey. And makes your respondents happy to answer. That's it!

We follow those principles:

  • Public results: everybody can see the results of your survey. Respondents are part of your adventure, they deserve to know the conclusion!
  • A happy experience: it should be fun to answer a survey. Goodbye small radiobutton. Welcome animated smiling faces!
  • User first: from day 1 we asked what our friends wanted. We did an usability test every two weeks to make sure that Sentimy was easy to use. And we added some magic to make it fun (seen the Sentiman blinking?)

Target Users

Our friends, and you! Some professional surveys creators are really interested too, because we have one of the highest completion rate of the Internet (A/B test Sentimy vs Surveymonkey vs Typeform). Happiness brings results! :)

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