When blogging I need all the help I can get. I often can't tell how a post will be received. Sentiment analysis can help with understanding if a post is positive or negative in nature.

What it does

Sentimental uses to analyse sentiment and summarise content. It adds a context menus for calculating the sentiment of and summarising a whole page. These are displayed in a modal dialog. A content action is added to calculate the sentiment of a portion of text and macros can display a summary or sentiment description of the current page

How I built it

Sentimental was built in an afternoon with an intended 4 hour limit. Within those four hours the context menus and content action were complete. A further hour added the macros and caching for performance.

What I learned

My main goal in building Sentimental was to learn Forge. I learned that it is possible to build useful tools with Forge quickly, the development feddback cycle is fast and whilst restrictive, it is possible to build functional interfaces using Forge UI.

What's next for Sentimental

Evaluate the success or not to decide if it should be taken further. I'll continue to use it for my own purposes regardless.

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