One of the greatest struggles of digital communication is the inability to understand what kind of emotions digital text implies. Humans communicate a lot using body language and obviously this is not possible over digital textual communications such as text messages, emails, articles, etc. Luckily, Google APIs have a solution, and I wanted to make it easy for any user to access these APIs and analyze the emotional context of any digital text.

What it does

This app focuses on simplicity for the user. It uses the Google Speech API to allow users to talk into their microphone and the applications text entry box will populate with the textual version of the words they said. The user can also just open some text document such as an article they found online. Whatever text is in the text entry box at the time the user presses the green 'Analyze Text' button is then analyzed by the Google Natural Language API.

How I built it

The app is built with C# programming language. I used Visual Studio Community 2019 when developing the app. This app is a Windows Presentation Forms (WPF) project build. All the actual code can be found in the MainWindow.xaml and MainWindow.xaml.cs files.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting the Google API key to my app wasn't super difficult but it definitely took some time to get it right. The most challenging thing was the speech to text, I have to create an audio file in the app and write to it with the sound waves input from the users microphone then pass this file to the Google Speech API to get the result of the user's speech in textual format.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just getting this done entirely by myself. I have never worked with the Google APIs in my own applications before so I am proud of myself for getting that to work the way I wanted it to.

What I learned

How to connect a C# project to Google APIs. How to take and store input from the user's microphone. How to design a simple User Interface for a relatively complex project idea.

What's next for Sentimental

If the judges believe it is a good project, that would motivate me to continue working on it. I could add features such as window resizability, rounded buttons, and better data organization in regards to the result of the Google Natural Language API.

Built With

  • c#
  • google-natural-language
  • google-speech
  • wpf
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