On a journey to create something unique using available resources we landed upon idea of creating an android application which based on your mood recommends you some type of activity like (listening to some genre of music, watch some video, get information about event happening nearby or even do some activity to enlighten your mood).

What it does

So this application takes your picture in real time and perform sentiment analysis to determine your mood and based on it give recommendation about activities which you could do to utilize your free time by doing something productive. So after capturing your image and based on your score generated by Google Vision cloud API, it will give you some suggestions.

The other unique thing about this app is no such apps exist currently and it could be optimized to an unbelievable extent in future.

How we built it

Tools Used: Google Cloud Vision API, Android Studio for application, Google cloud platform to deploy it.

Challenges we ran into

We had little prior experience into this thing so we kept learning and upgrading ourselves and ultimately were able to achieve it to a greater extent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every single thing we build or learned from Beachhacks 2019.

What we learned

Learning is never ending process.

What's next for Sentiment Analysis with Google Cloud Vision API

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