What sentiMeant Does

Think of sentiMeant as your emotional spellchecker. We take your text and processit on our AWS server using IBM's emotional analysis API, and let you know how you're coming across. Processing a conversation, we color-code the text of each statement based on its strongest emotion. Want to see the progression of emotion throughout the conversation? Click our popup window after your chat finishes processing on our server for more details.


Messaging someone in another country? Trying to avoid sounding passive-aggressive before you click send on that email? Want to know what undertones a person has underlying their text? All completely possible right now with our fully-functioning web app. For children with Aspergers who have difficulty reading and perceiving emotions and social cues, sentiMeant is a way of helping them learn unwritten rules is by giving them a bit of a nudge in knowing what emotion a sentence or person is trying to convey.

Our Facebook Messenger Add-on

Know how a message sounds before you send it, by using our chatbot to get an emoji describing your message. The emojis have been coded for various combinations of emotions.

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