Sentient Factory

We used to treat factories and manufacturing as a process as a simple straightforward process.Traditionally they were monitored using a set of simple metrics.

Advances in technology and artificial intelligence helped us to do the next step - start building a Sentient Factory.

In this concept a factory no longer will be represented by a set of simple numbers. Instead it will possess a basic sentience to make the most optimal decisions based on its goals and will assist humans in the most proactive way.

In order to implement this concept we need to integrate with a lot of industrial, financial and operational data sources. Predix is a good fit for that and using Stelia manufacturing data we can showcase the capabilities of this new technology.

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posted an update

We used the Predix platform to develop the web application part of sentient factory. From the application we retrieved significant data from the blobstore, and called the Predix ready to use SKLearn analytics service to build a model in order for example to predict the EP delivery date.

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