Sentence Shuffle takes a paragraph of text and shuffles it up. A student then logically re-arranges the sentences and receives instant feedback. Teachers have been using this activity for decades, and this type of exercise is on the New York SHSAT exam.

Sentence Shuffle allows any teacher to quickly and easily create exercises. Students can then quickly access those exercises and receive instant feedback by simply accessing a web URL from any device. Alternatively, teachers can also print out an automatically generated PDF to conduct the activity offline

Sentence Shuffle works particularly well when students have to reconstruct an argument or chronological timeline. For example, in a biology class a student has to reconstruct the order in which photosynthesis happens. In an English class students can reconstruct the order of the major events from the book.

An especially interesting feature of Sentence Shuffle is that it allows teachers to create hints that are shown to students if they struggle to correctly perform the exercise. This is especially useful when teachers want to highlight a particular term or set of terms in a passage, helping students focus on how those terms may help in placing the passage in the right order.

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