Sentence shuffling is a pretty common activity for teachers at the middle school level. The idea is that the student is handed a paragraph or small essay in which the order of the sentences has been randomized, and the student is tasked with trying to place these in the correct order. Usually, teachers do this activity by printing out pieces of paper and then cutting them up for the students to rearrange. SentenceShuffle provides a much quicker and easier way to perform these activities. Teachers can quickly go online and paste the contents they want to be shuffled. In addition, in SentenceShuffle teachers can add hints to help guide the student through the activity. Also, SentenceShuffle still allows for teachers to do the activity online - they can simply download our automatically-generated worksheet.

For the student, the activity also couldn't be simpler - they simply need to access the URL provided by their teacher on any device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.), and they can immediately engage with the exercise!

While SentenceShuffle was originally designed as a tool to help teach writing, it has successfully been deployed in classes as varied as biology and art. The mechanics of SentenceShuffle are perfect whenever a teacher wants to develop a simple activity where kids need to place item in a correct order, whether they are sentences or not.

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