Sensory Haven is an application where users can input their accessibility needs and find locations that best suit these needs. We have developed both mobile and web prototypes to demo. Users can add in a profile detailing their accessibility needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, light and noise sensitivities, allergies, and more. Based off of these needs, which we use as "tags", we can find locations which have been rated by other users, shown using a Google Maps API. Users are able to read reviews from other people, as well as write their own. We used Figma for the mobile prototype and React for the web version. Problems we ran into include learning the frameworks which we were unfamiliar with, API issues, time limitations, and keeping web accessibility in mind.

Future ideas for this project involve developing a settings menu with options that accommodate different accessibility needs, such as enabling users to increase font size or run a text to speech function. Another idea was to use AI sentiment analysis to see if user-written reviews are more positive or negative and use this data for our rating system. In terms of implementing real-world change, we considered Sensory Haven’s impact on businesses. For example, if a business has a low rating, this may help the owners realize how accessibility issues may be driving away potential customers and encourage them to change their spaces to be more inclusive.

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