Reading about CORTX's features made me realize the significance of object storage. It is faster in data retrieval and storage, optimized for mass capacity storage, and it is more scalable than file storage despite its cons. IoT is a benefit that will automate and mitigate mundane and difficult task, and curtail environmental detriments of current urban settings, and it will involve large data volumes sent from and to numerous sensors installed and applied to any appliances people need. STMicroelectronics manufactures sensors with efficiency in power and simplification of IoT development and applications. All these comprise a viable digital technology stack, and will help make IoT more manageable, and quicker to operate.

What it does

The project involves a Python notebook that will present minimum functionality and the code that will connect an STM32 node (i.e., to the notebook. This functionality consists of setting up the S3 resource and client objects, and uploading, downloading and viewing the .csv file obtained from the node.

How we built it

For setup: used Oracle VirtualBox to install and run the OVA to configure AWS and create the bucket.

For notebook: used Google Colab, Python, and the Pandas, Boto3, Botocore, and BluePy.

For .csv data: ST BLE Sensor mobile app and

Challenges we ran into was the planned IoT node to be used for the integration, but it will not active for an amount of time (e.g., a day) after usage. Programming with has quite a steep learning curve, given the technical difficulty in programming with hardware, and the tools involved. This led to the resolution to use mere software and recorded data to showcase the integration's functionality.

Bluetooth connection was another issue encountered

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made good use of CORTX S3 API.

What we learned

Don't be afraid to struggle through indirect answers and dead ends.

What's next for SensorTile-CORTX Integration

More integrations would be made with more STMicroelectronics devices. This will hopefully open up more possibilities with the utilization of CORTX as the leading object storage memory that will benefit the IoT infrastructure.

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