The advent of the "Internet of Things" has been wonderful for those of us who wish to collect and analyze sensor data remotely using microcontrollers like the arduino. It's easy to connect sensors to data servers like, but its not always convenient or necessary to access the full data stream, which is where SensorPush comes in.

What it does

To start using sensorPush, simply adjust the potentiometer to select the sensor you'd like to monitor and the incoming readings will be sent to your phone via twilio SMS. When you're done monitoring, simply turn the potentiometer back to it's "rest" position to stop the updates.

How I built it

This project works by sending the potentiometer position to a dedicated thingspeak channel. Every 15 seconds, the position is updated, telling SensorPush which sensor to read and directing it to read a value from that sensor's separate channel. The thingspeak React service checks the results and sends a corresponding http GET request to the twilio API to start the SMS communication.

Challenges I ran into

Overthinking!! Everything finally worked out when I stopped worrying about putting together a mindblowing product and just focused on learning some fundamental stuff about wireless communication that I had always been curious about.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how to solder and use APIs meaningfully, created a simple user interface that hopefully makes using the product easy and intuitive

What I learned

Basically every feature of this project is something I learned how to use in the past 24 hours! I couldn't have done it without the people and resources at MHacks this weekend.

What's next for SensorPush

SensorPush CEO Chris Withers will be taking a long nap before attempting to find an alternative data service that allows more frequent updates than thingspeak, and pursuing the full version of twilio for more connected projects!

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