Traffic conditions have an impact on driving behaviors and well being, usually not for the better 66% Traffic fatalities due to road rage 60% Teen crashes involve driver distraction Music has an impact on human behaviors and wellbeing, usually for the better In case of Accident, supporting instruction to address first things first can save lifes.

What it does

If the car detects that the driver is agitated because he is stuck in stop and go traffic, the app might play soothing music to counteract the frustration.  It could also play a traffic report. If the driver is having an exciting sporty ride in the countryside, the app might play exciting music with a tempo that matches the speed of the car. If the car notices using the GPS that the driver is driving near a beach, it might play some beach music. If the car detects that the weather is changing, it might play a weather report to the driver automatically.

How I built it

Using emulator and the GM API list to select audio channels for the driver that is appropriate for the driving environment based on their profile and per set options. The style of audio response may be chosen by the driver.  There will be some preset profiles that the driver can choose from (e.g. Teen Driver), or the driver can customize settings to create his/her own profile.

Challenges I ran into

We learned that accessing FM channels disable access to panel features and hence used music from our cloud libraries vs. radio channel select.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplish generally most of the features we expected to use.

What I learned

GM has many APIs to report conditions of the car and wifi access to weather, location, ... there are limitless opportunities to move from Driving experiencing to Information/entertainment opportunities in the car was we move to self-driving car. Similar to Airplane infotainment platforms.

What's next for Sensorial

More functionality and capabilities as we leverage more APIs and better understand their

Built With

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