Interconnecting IoT based projects to aiming to develop an Interoperable environment getting rid of information and system architecture silos.

Target User

As our project heading highlights, the aim of our project is to make sensors go social. Allow users to develop applications and services based on integration of heterogenous sensor platforms.


Integrating HOPU and EAR-IT and OpenIoT platforms, we envision a following service.

Social Finder

Locate users and friends that are within a given vicinity using specific user preferences e.g. country, topic of interest etc.

IoT Big Brother

Further to locating users near by, locating near by audi sensors (EAR-IT) and listen to live feeds from the chosen location.

Key Features

The key features include The ability to integrate 3 platforms namely OpenIoT, HOPU and EAR-IT to develop joint applications with minimal efforts. Breaking the Silos based information architectures Promoting open data and ability to share data among users Joint efforts from team members representing 3 organisations namely CSIRO, HOPU and EGM

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