Marvel Comics' Daredevil is blind and uses echolocation powers to create a mental image of his surroundings. We wanted to bring this sensory skill to other visually-impaired people and help them become more independent in their lifestyle.

What it does

It has an Ultrasonic sensor which uses echolocation technology to help the blind find their way through the world by warning them of nearby obstacles via auditory cues.

How we built it

It was built using Raspberry Pi and Ultrasonic sensor mounted on a pair of glasses which would serve as a possibly viable replacement for the visual stimulus by providing a variable buzzing sound to the wearer depending on the distance of the object in their gaze.

What's next for Gaze?

We are considering remodeling the project for our second prototyping stage using custom 3D printed body to house the electronics and provide a more comfortable wearer experience.

Watch behind the scenes of development

Youtube attached

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