We have a baritone, and felt it could be substantially upgraded with IoT.

The Baritone

What it does

Reads which valves are pressed down and sends info to a website, along with a microphone sensor to check when sound is being played. Animated sheet music is displayed for user to follow along.

How we built it

Designed a contact using the individual keys, and an ESP8266 to send the data to a web server. Website built using VexFlow, a Javascript based sheet music platform.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the valve contacts to work, and the web server, which was having connection issues. Since we were new to VexFlow, we had to figure out trivial aspects such as displaying ties, bar lines and the animation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fit the hardware onto a baritone, and remained functional. The back end was tedious, it took us a long time to get it to work desirably.

What we learned

Use of VexFlow, a Javascript platform for displaying musical scores.

What's next for Sensor Baritone

Integration of an automatic page flipping system to flip through sheet music.

Built With

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