Inspiration works with schools from around the world and one common phrase we kept hearing was “just turn off Microsoft Teams chat as you cannot safeguard it. It’s the only way.”

What it does

It monitors the health and wellbeing of Microsoft Teams user by analysing both text and image sent against our keyword algorithms and visual threat detection system for private and channel chats.

The Teams app will log the violating word, phrases or images that has been sent by a student using Teams regardless of the device used. using Microsoft Teams chat, regardless of the device in the form of a table.

When reviewing violations, the Teacher may reviewing the entire history of the conversation to get a better understanding and the context the violating word, phrase or image was used for.

The students will also have a bot that will allow them to raise concerns against a predefined set of teachers for instance, issues at home, bullying or sadly even worse.

How I built it

We have built a custom environment on Microsoft Azure that hosts our visual threat detection system utilizing various Azure functions, web apps, services, bots and databases for inspecting chats, logging and raising violations.

Challenges I ran into

Adding the ability to exclude certain groups from being monitored. Although authorizing our app is straightforward, we need to be more seamless with our licensing system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I believe we are the only company presenting the violations within a Teams app. No need to switch out of Teams or visit another portal to keep track of student safetey/wellbeing.

What I learned

Getting as much of our solution into our Teams app is the way forward. If users are able to do what they need within Teams in makes it easier for everyone.

What's next for Senso.Cloud for Teams Chat

We will be adding more functionality from our main product to assist schools performing distance learning. We will be adding various key aspects of to our Teams App. We will start with teacher focused tools like Live Screens, Launch Website, Quick Question,… t

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