The concept of an emotion wheel was first introduced in a first year psychology class from where we wanted to bring it to life. The goal here was to create an interactive wheel online that would be accessible to users across the globe. The wheel would enable these users to better understand and communicate their own feelings, allowing for improved self-awareness about their mental health.

What it does

  • The user inputs username and password into log in page
  • The emotion wheel is displayed on the screen
  • React components enable the different emotion sections of the wheel to highlight when hovered over
  • Once the user selects all valid emotions, the website saves the date and time of the selection in CockroachDB
  • This allows the user to return to look at their previous days' emotions

How we built it

  • react setup + three.js + OAuth - front-end
  • Figma - actual wheel
  • Cockroach DB - database
  • Passport.js - back-end

Challenges we ran into

  • Deploying the website to Azure
  • Learning to use Passpost.js
  • Getting the cookie session
  • Creating the selective properties of the colour wheel

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • the emotion wheel!
  • the selective properties of the emotions
  • the log in page!

What we learned

  • about full stack development
  • how to actually deploy an app

What's next for Sensity

  • with more time the wheel would be made more scalable for different screens, and the application would likely be able to tell you more about past recorded emotions (i.e. displaying trends on graphs)
  • work on animating/allowing the user to rotate the wheel

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