"No traditional input method is ideal for VR, but gamepads are currently our best option; innovation and research are necessary and ongoing at Oculus. Users can’t see their input devices while in the Rift; let them use a familiar controller that they can operate without sight. It’s important to realize that once users put on the Oculus Rift, they can’t see their keyboard, their mouse, their gamepad, or their monitor.

Although still perhaps not the ultimate solution, gamepads are the most popular traditional controller at this time. The user can grip the gamepad with both hands and isn’t bound to ergonomic factors of using a more complicated control device on a desktop. We believe gamepads are preferable over keyboard and mouse input. However, we must emphasize that neither input method is ideal for VR, and research is underway at Oculus to find innovative and intuitive ways of interacting with a wide breadth of VR content."

According to Oculus Website, There are issues according to user input and navigation while experiencing a virtual reality environment. In this experimental effort, we tried to make VR content more interactive while keeping it more safe through collecting constant feedback from the user's body.

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