We were inspired by Acorns, an application that rounds up each credit card charge to the nearest dollar and invests that change into stocks. Since Venmo is used so much by younger generations, we thought a great idea would be to incorporate this same technology whenever a Venmo transaction is made. Thus, we came up with the plan to create an app that rounds up each transaction and donates that to charity.

What it does

We fetched the JSON transaction file from calling Venmo's API endpoints and compiling a list of payments made by the client. Then it finds the proper amount to donate and proceeds to send that amount to the charity account.

How we built it

We used Python to build the backend, calling Venmo's API and performing calculations. Then we used Flask and Ionic to create a simple front-end that displays statistics and recent donations.

What's next for Sensible

We would like to expand this idea and allow users to vote on the charity of choice to donate to. Also, we can add an option for users to donate a percentage of their transaction rather than just one dollar or less.

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