Like a swiping keyboard - but no absolute key locations. Plus a trackpad and shortcut buttons, just for grins.

So you have this Sensel Morph- an amazingly well-built and functional piece of hardware that's pretty much the best gigantic digital touchpad ever invented. We thought, well, iOS and Android have the Swype app - a keyboard that allows one to type a word by moving a finger along the path through the letters - so why not this?

So we devised an algorithm to take a sequence of vectors (a finger swiped around the Sensel) and find the word whose letters are closest along that trajectory. We compute a vector of constant length and store the angle at constant distances around the gesture, creating a representation completely free of both x/y position and scale. This is compared to a precompiled database of the most common English words.

We also threw in a touchpad, just for fun.

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