Soil Analysis using ML ( Flutter based project ) Agriculture is suffering from a tremendous problem: soil erosion. It has decreased the available area of farmable land in Pakistan, and as a result, the annual crop output has decreased immensely due to which malnutrition and famine in the country is prevalent and our already fragile economy is suffering as 25% of agricluture contributes to a fair 21% of the economy, while the sector as a whole employs 43% of the labour force.

Our solution is an AI-based precision farming system that analyzes soil and determines if it's vulnerable to erosion or not and offers appropriate customized advice courtesy of on-board experts. This enables agrilabs to inform farmers reliably, empowers farmers to make the right decision with respect to their soil and reduces the area of unproductive land in the nation.

Getting Started

The ML code is written in Python and utilizes the SVM algorithm, using which it achieves almost 91% accuracy. Meanwhile, the front-end UI is coded in Flutter.

How it works

A fairly simple process: the agrilabs collect soil data from surrounding farmland via sensors, which is fed into our algorithm, which processes it to determine if it's vulnerable to erosion or not, and sends an appropriate message to the agrilab and simultaneously to the farmer as well, informing him to about the status of the soil and customized advice via on-board experts.

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