Our main objective is to solve problem in SAP. So after keen brainstorming we found a common problem faced by all of us . As SAP is a diverse company, there are customers from different countries , who uses sap products in different languages. So while developing the product or offering support to the customer there are times where customers send error screenshot in their native language and it becomes hard for the processors to decode the text in the image to their own language.

When working in international teams, we often find hurdles working with people across the world due to the language barrier. Screenshot messages in foreign language, Jira’s helping screens snips from client’s pc, can come in any language and the customers sending error issues in their native language to the support team.

If we don’t understand what’s in the screenshot we try to reach the other side. Working in different time zones can lead to delay in the workflow. Also it might lead to unnecessary long calls for explanations.

What it does

SLens.img is a secured Ai platform to convert the text in image to their preffered language.

How we built it

We used optical character recognition and open cv with the support of python Use Artificial Intelligence for the live translation of these screenshots. Take in the screenshot in any language and translate the text in that image into any language. Creating a web UI or chrome extension for the easy user interaction. Can support images in any format. Save the translated image in your local disk for future reference

Challenges we ran into

Fitting the Ai model to give accurate ocr results Making the model to work for all type of images

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Detecting the text from image Translating the text Placing the translated text on the image

How we bring difference

We have translators in the market but they only translate text. But SLENS translate the text in the screenshots by replacing text in any language you want it to be.

What we learned

OCR models, Open CV

What's next for SLens.img

Use SAP machine translator to give exact results and make it as a plugin in JIRA and support systems.

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