Sense Health is a platform that helps healthcare providers deliver increased support to patients in between appointments.

This support comes in the form of care plans called 'Scripts.' Scripts are delivered to patients through a series of text messages designed to remind, motivate, and check-in with patients to ensure they are getting better or staying healthy in between their healthcare appointments.

Healthcare providers have access to Sense Health online where they can choose, create, or customize the specific Scripts that they want to send to their patients.

Through this same web portal, providers have access to a dashboard that alerts them to any patient issues - such as patients who aren't recovering appropriately or patients who may not be following their plan of care. This dashboard helps providers quickly and easily understand which patients they need to reach out to prior to the next appointment to ensure health issues don't spiral out of control.

With Sense Health, people receive increased support in between healthcare appointments, thereby getting the extra help they need to get and stay healthy.

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