Team Name - Cyberons

Do you want to know your level of knowledge about common phishing traps on the internet? So you have to click on this quiz game about phishing with real screens of current ongoing threats on the internet that often deceive us about what is real and save yourself from getting your information hacked with Sense Hacker!


Your Device getting hacked is a big problem for Internet users nowadays. Small mistakes and our devices are breached. Hence, To create awareness about Internet safety and Cyber Security, Our game provides a fun and learning platform.

What it does

  • Our game simulates different ways a hacker can try to steal your data or hack your computer.
  • The player can interact with the platform in the form of a game but at the end learns some techniques to keep themselves safe.
  • This simulation of hacker attacks is done in form of a card.
  • For every hacker card displayed, The user gets 3 option cards.
  • By choosing the cards, The user can learn what is good and measures in every situation.

How we built it

  • We built it using HTML 5, CSS 3, and vanilla JavaScript.
  • We used CSS's grid and flexbox tools to design the gaming interface
  • We used maps to store the scores and the card details in vanilla js
  • We used JavaScript's inbuilt Audio API for adding sound effects to the game.

Challenges we ran into

  • We faced few problems like correctly designing the layout of the game and put music in the game.
  • Making it versatile along with all the computer devices
  • Finding the models that perfectly portrait our project and idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to say that, Our game works as intended and we are loving the UI design and sound effects of it. And it is fun to play. We all are proud that with our platform the users will be able to defeat the attacks from the real world hackers

What we learned

  • We learned about Better use of CSS positioning, small CSS animations, and how to add audio on the web.
  • We learned the true essence of the hackathon and its spirit
  • We developed a tight bond within ourselves
  • We learned to collaborate and lead.
  • We made good friends

What's next for Sense Hacker

  • We are planning to further better the UI and add 3d elements to the game.
  • There are some link breakages
  • Adding levels to the game
  • Every level the game changes with a new UI and theme.
  • Empowering the easy victims in the society

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