Sense[5] is a Google Glass application that augments your daily conversations by periodically providing you with brief amounts of contextually relevant information.

After a single activation at the beginning of a conversation, cued by a simple "Okay Glass, Let's Talk!", Sense[5] will begin its language analytics and run silently in the background, requiring absolutely no further input from the user. At this point, Sense[5] will determine the topic you are talking about, and effortlessly push information to your glass interface. No extra input needed, no extra effort needed, just extra information provided.

For example, saying something along the lines of "I bet it's cold in Atlanta" will automatically pull up a weather card with the specific weather in Atlanta. Any conversation about some stock or value of companies may pull up the current Microsoft stock price and the percent change for the day. "Want to grab a movie?" We'll pull up a list of movies available in theaters, and possibly augment with some reviews based on how your conversation goes.

Glass was meant to be a contexual computing device and we hope to take it one step towards that.

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