Inconvenience of college students looking for a job has taught me a lot. First, they feel that it’s expensive to buy a recruitment suit for job-hunting, which led us to the idea of a subscription plan to get a business suit. Also, what they have in their mind is the fear that they have no one to rely on around them; eventually we have found out that that can be solved by a communication platform for both college students and Senpai (2-3 years older person).

What it does

SenpaiSuit allows Senpai-s to share their business suit they’ve used for job-hunting and their experiences at the age of their jon-hunting. This is expected to fulfill self-esteem for them. Meanwhile college students can borrow a suit by comparing which Senpai to rely on. If a contract has been contracted, the student can read some job-hunting tips written by the senpai.

How we built it

we make conceptual demo site on Bluemix Cloud Foundry PHP.

Challenges we ran into

It took some time to think of an incentive that Senpai use this service. Also, we had (and still have) difficulty pricing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could generate the service that really fulfills users’ wants and needs, which is one thing we are proud of.

What we learned

We have learned the importance of putting on customers’ shoes. At the first day we tended to stick to the idea of sharing economy and forgot thinking of what customers need. But during the project we have noticed it and were able to fix our ideas.

What's next for Senpai Suit

-Going for sales to find PMF as early as possible -Creating an application for Android to make it easier for users to use the service.

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