What is Senop?

Senop enables event organizers to learn how participants feel about the event, understand why they feel that way, and solve problems before it's too late.

Why did we create Senop?

We wanted to provide event organizers a way to make their events even better. Using data from Twitter, we can show organizers why participants are happy and why they are angry. This ensures that organizers keep doing what people like and fix problems as they arise.

Does it work?

Senop analyzes a word associated with an event and calculates a positive or negative sentiment score based on Stanford University's research on Twitter Sentiment Classification using Distant Supervision. We also display the most frequently used words in positive and negative tweets to provide insight on what's causing the sentiment.

Who do we impact?

As students who grew their love for creating, designing, and tech at hackathons, we believe that awesome events can lead to great postive change. A great hackathon can nurture first-time hackers to become life-long creators, an amazing conference can inspire a new generation of leaders, and a well-managed concert can be safe, but fun night out for the entire audience.

Design Focus

We tried to display information useful to the user in a clear and clean interface. We focused on showing the sentiment derived the word and added other metrics to further explain that sentiment.

Where are we located?

Table #6. Come visit us!

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