We were inspired by the troubles that seniors and immuno-compromised people face during the COVID-19 pandemic. These people are under great risk of going into critical condition and dying from the virus, and we wanted to use technology to help them overcome the problems that they have to face. This app helps them receive essential items and includes personalized delivery which is meant to help keep them safe.

What It Does

SeniorSmiles is a mobile app developed to help seniors during the coronavirus pandemic. This app helps Senior Citizens request essential items from volunteers and receive them in a contact free manner to combat danger during these uncertain times. This app includes a map view, chat between volunteer and senior, notifications, and connections between volunteers and seniors to help them coordinate delivery.

How We Built It

SeniorSmiles is built with react native and specifically expo, so it is cross platform and can reach a larger audience. We also used Microsoft Azure to integrate machine learning in the app.

Challenges We Ran Into

While programming we had problems with implementing the chat. The backend for the chat was very hard to integrate with firebase and we also had to find a way to integrate a user interface for the chat. Additionally, we had problems with sending images through the chat, because it is important to send images of receipts for accurate payment and we had to figure out how to hold images in the firebase database.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are very proud of the chat that we were able to implement. We had custom image sending through camera and camera roll and we were able to implement a real time chat through firebase realtime database. This is great for seniors to stay in contact with volunteers while also keeping their information private. We are also proud of the machine learning age detection. We had to learn a new api and implement the age detection in an accurate manner to prevent from the userbase being flooded with users who are able to leave their house without a high risk.

What We Learned

Through this experience we were able to hone our react native skills and proceed on our track of mobile app development. We were also able to learn the science behind the Covid-19 virus and how it may affect different types of people. Finally, we learned more about UI through react native and how we can use modules to enhance our experience.

What's next for SeniorSmiles

While developing our app we noticed a local group working to solve a similar problem with the pandemic. They had no technology involved with their process and in the future we might want to contact them to help integrate our technology with their services.

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