In several parts of the world, there is an increasing elderly population and in light of the pandemic, we see a problem - the senior citizens being isolated, and having difficulties to perform daily tasks and activities. This is actually an ongoing problem before the pandemic, but when COVID-19 hits, it got worse. We hope that by connecting available proactive young adults to help out with the seniors in their community, we can foster an environment where the elderly won’t be isolated from the community and can form and maintain relationships with the younger generations. There is so much wisdom and meaningful experiences that seniors can share with the younger generation and we hope this website can help foster the connectivity and sharing of meaningful experiences too!

What it does

The point of SeniorSidekick is that it should be very accessible and connect you with a volunteer in a matter of seconds.

How we built it

For the backend we used Firebase for the database and user authentication. For the frontend, we used primarily react.js and additional libraries. We were all quite unfamiliar with this stack, so we're proud of what we achieved!

Challenges we ran into

For two of our team members, this is their very first hackathon . Also, it is our first time with React and Firebase so we had trouble integrating the frontend and the backend (post/get requests). After spending many hours going through the various documentations, we managed to finish it on time. Building this app took a lot of patience and support from one another. Through the power of teamwork, we assembled and created our first app this weekend!


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