Helping others is something we are all very passionate about. We all have/had strong relationships with our grandparents and are concerned with there safety and well-being.

What it does

Using an android studio app, we detect a help request (by the event of a button push) and it tracks the geolocation of the android phone (using Using the geolocation and unique UserId from Radar we lookup the User's emergency contact information in our MongoDB database. We then use Twilio to send a text message with the old person's name and location to their emergency contact to make sure they know when a crisis may be happening.

How we built it

We all worked on different aspects of the project and integrated them together towards the end of the project.

Challenges we ran into

We were lacking certain components for our Ardunio microcontroller. As a result of this we were unable to integrate it as planned in our original design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functioning application for Android devices despite our novice experience working with Android Studio. We also learned how to use MongoDB in 3-4 hours, which we find very exciting!

What we learned

We learned that despite our strong coding capabilities, we are always continuing our learning and adaptation to new tools and softwares that are readily available to us on the World Wide Web. This is very exciting because we have an infinite bank of knowledge at our fingertips that is just a few clicks away. We also learned that we work well as a team in limited resources, both hardware and time.

What's next for SeniorSaver

We would love to have a functioning Arduino component that would allow easier use for an elderly person. This could be in the form of a button on a lanyard that they courd wear around their neck. We would also like to dive deeper into our learning of and add a geofencing tracker component so that a relative (such as us) could see our grandparents checking in at various locations when running errands. We would also like to add a component that contacts emergency services as relatives may not be able to get to the elderly people in time. We would also like to deploy the Python and Flask backend to the app to the Google Cloud App engine.

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