Our parents are all overseas and mostly above 60s of age. Most of the time we would like to share multiple pictures through either emails or social media or share our thoughts about some new tech device. Currently, we would try to show our parents how to set up the accounts by calling them on the phone or in video calls. However, the explanatory process takes a lot of time and is quite confusing due to the multiple account setting-up steps and without visual description. This chat bot helps making the explanation process more time efficient and more intuitive to follow, therefore, narrowing the bridge between generations and promoting the up-to-date technology knowledge to senior citizens.

What it does

The user types in questions or request to the Senior bot, our bot replies with list of possible answers either in step-by-step of how to open an email account, or the bot gives general description of the new technology given the input images uploaded by the user via the computer vision packages (Microsoft Azure). The bot also gives options for the user to talk directly to a real person by transferring the request to a near-by expert through a text. The user can locate the expert's location (ESRI GPS localization) and arrange the meeting to answer the user's questions

How we built it

We designed the platform using website development in

Challenges we ran into

The most challenges we got is to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

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What we learned

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What's next for SeniorBot

We will further train and develop our bot to extend its topics to other tasks such as booking flights, or expand to other new tech device searching. Moreover, we want to establish a connection database among the near-by experts so they can track each other schedules and marked down status of each cases to speed up the helping process.

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