Our story starts with the story of 660 million senior citizens across the world who face problems at various providing organizations such as Banks, Laboratory, etc. They feel uncomfortable standing in the queues at Banks and ATMs and are almost always dependent on others for such basic activities related to finance and health. The penetration percentage of smartphones among elderly citizens is in single digit in developing countries such as India and there Voice-User-Interface technology can powerfully impact their lives.

What it does

Elderly Care Online (ECO) Buddy is a voice based ticket generator which raises service requests with finance and health institutions such as banks, pharmacy, etc.

How we built it

We created a survey and interviewed 21 Senior citizens to understand their pain points related to health, finance, and security. We created an Alexa Skill to receive inputs and used Lambda to create slots, utterance and responses. We integrated data warehouse and email server with the skill so that a mail can be sent as service request to the service providers

Challenges we ran into

The hackathon required us to use minimum two of the six application services among Lex, Rekognition, Translate, Comprehend, Polly and Transcribe. As Amazon Echo-Dot already possess capabilities of Transcribe, Lex, and Polly so we took permission from Administrators to use Alexa Skill as a substitute for Translate, Lex, and Polly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud to be a part of the team with cheerful mates addressing a social problem which remains largely unaddressed

What we learned

Voice-based assistants can powerfully transform lives of elderly citizens for whom using smartphones is a challenge

Testing Instructions

Kindly use below phrases to test this skill

1.Alexa, start bank buddy 2.Alexa, open bank buddy 3.Alexa, launch bank buddy 4.May I know my Account Balance 5.Need help in submitting my Cheque 6.Can you help me in my Passbook updation

What's next for ECO BUDDY

We are identifying the Banks and Hospitals with which we can do our Proof of concept

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