The ageing boomer population is driving the need for change in our society, and it is our job as the leaders of the next generation to support them. Therefore, our team wanted to create a platform that allows one to age with minimal amounts of setbacks while ensuring and nurturing an individual’s resilience and resources. We believe that ageing with resilience starts with a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to tackle current health dilemmas among the seniors of our society, including dementia, mental health, need for accessibility, and improvement of functionality.

What it does

Using Google Maps API and Google Vision API, this app aims to improve the mental health of seniors by allowing them to go on safe trails nearby their location, nearest senior centers, and by allowing them to engage in therapeutic activities such as birdwatching. This app is designed to assist the seniors during the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing them with more information and details about the virus, such as the safety measures to take and its symptoms. Through the use of QR codes, this web app also provides a daily meal plan with recipes to healthy alternatives to everyday delicious food, as well as with video tutorials. Through a Nutritional Fitness API, users are also able to track their calories, as well as alternative meal options. Lastly, our app also allows users to keep track of their medical history and medications, with resources such as medicine cabinet, lab results, previous appointments, and alarms for their medication.

How I built it

My team and I used GitHub as the main source in creating our WebApp. We used a combination of HTML, CSS, JSON, and JavaScript coding languages to create our final result. With these techniques, we were able to format the website with a login, register portal, COVID page, and multiple tabs to help the users navigate there daily life. We included multiple APIs such as Google Maps, Google directions, Vision, Fitness, Reminder, and Calendar APIs. We also used programs such as EchoAr to create our various 3D images using QR codes on our site and User way program that had many accessibility functions that were used in our WebApp.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we ran into was the implementation of Google APIs into our apps, such as google maps or vision API. We also ran into issues when creating a domain for our web app and had to troubleshoot. Other challenges include creating a creative and engaging layout for our web app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of the end results of our project. Our web app contains many benefits that everyone can use, for example, a healthy food plan, COVID updates, and personalized reminders and assistance. We are most proud of how we incorporated different programs such as APIs and QR Codes, into one web app to create a powerful and easily accessible resource for all. We were able to all work collectively on this project at the same time, and we believe that our web app is beneficial.

What I learned

Previously we had created web apps using other software developers such as glitch to create the web app. However, this time we learned to use GitHub to create a professional web app. We were also able to successfully implement APIs into our code. Overall, we were able to improve our programming language and learn from others by attending workshops and making connections.

What's next for Senior+

Senior+ is a web application that is always expanding and updating with new features. In the future, we can also improve the formatting of the web app to make it more visually appealing. Another likely addition to our app would be to add different languages as Canada is a multicultural country and this addition will only extend our help to those who need it. We can also add more features such as step count, sleep hours etc.

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