We are a people passionate with expertise to creating different startups based on crowdfunding, recruiting solutions, augmented reality and now the currency solutions. For this reason took us at mx hacks to hack on 36 hours one of the most conservative industries on our country.

How it works

We create a platform global , fast and easiest to send money from any country to mexico using as a currancy base the bitcoins. Only on 3 stepts.

First: People send us bitcoins Second: We recive bitcoins and we make exchange the currency Third: We transfer the money to the mexican account.

Using our system to transfer and exchange the crrency to mexican pesos and that is call "Unisend".

Challenges I ran into

First we need it to breake the establishment way of exchange enterprises. Using the bitcoin as a base of our transactions. Develop on 36 hours a portal with API'S that we never have used. obtain transactions on 36 hours to validate the MVP solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Strategic Alliance with a new exchange in mexico.

What I learned

we now know the traditional flow through tipical transactions amount countries. And legal requierements to make this project possible. Cost, processes and the time to make international transactions.

What's next for SendMoney

Develop a complex arquitecture to mantein a truth system around our users, developing new relationships to get new customers, supporting and learning new technologies to have the state of the art about crypto-currencies.

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