Email is a pain in the butt, but it shouldn't have to be. Despite its age and the animosity towards it, email is still the main driver of revenue for companies online -- for companies that know how to do it properly.

For marketers today, targeting, personalization, and a great editor are table stakes when choosing an email provider. But we've found that they still have questions about what to send and when to send it.

Sendjoy makes it easy for any company to succeed at email by combining a beautiful, simple, full-featured email service with a marketplace for ideas and creative.

Why it will succeed

Marketers know it's important, but often do not have the knowledge, time, or resources to do it up properly.

Sendjoy users have access to email experts to create campaigns and guide them in the right direction. It's a built in part of the Sendjoy experience.

Designers and developers all dread setting up emails because of the time and effort involved (seriously, ask any that have set up emails and we guarantee they will have horror stories). With Sendjoy's easy to use interface, templates are simple to select and customize.

Through Sendjoy, it's trivial for any company to import and keep up-to-date their email lists and send effective, professional, and targeted emails to customers. Gone are the days of $10k a month expensive services and fumbling through confusing templates and ineffective strategies.

How we built it

Sendjoy is built with Ruby on Rails server-side for a strong foundation and plentiful API integrations. On the front-end, React is used for view-rendering and interactions to ensure a good user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's a service we look forward to using ourselves.

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