Jon, Shaun, and Joseph were inspired to build an app that helps others learn to make mixed drinks and cocktails. From talking to friends and family, we realized that making a cocktail could be difficult if we did not know where to start.

What it does

"Send It" is a super simple, yet concise application that takes the users current cocktail ingredients, and finds the highest rated cocktails and their recipes known to our reference, Absolut API. Before the user can submit the command for the cocktails and mixed drinks to be displayed, they must electronically type their name which states that they are over 21 and will not drive while drunk, The "Send It" Agreement.

How we built it

We built "Send It" using Android Studio for the logic, Photoshop for the design, and Json for converting the API data.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were a lack of knowledge in the programming language of Java and Json. We worked together with each other and the mentors to figure out how to solve our problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We nearly completed our first ever mobile application in under 24 hours without sufficient knowledge of any of the languages going into the project. Our goal is to decrease the total number of people that die in the U.S. each year due to DUI's. According to In 2016, there were over 10,000 death related to a DUI accident.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Json, Java, API's, and standard web application practices.

What's next for "Send It"

Our next step is the incorporate a mechanical device that will instantly make the desired cocktail or mixed drink. Also, we would like to put the app into the Play Store. Another idea we had was to create a way to send drink cards to friends that the we liked. This is how we thought of the name "Send It".

We also bought this website link to incorporate a web page to "Send It", link, in the future.

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