Sending message to someone mobile phone while using computer.

I use php, jquery, html5, javascrip to create this SMS via Twilio api.

Create folder TwilioSMS, create file index.php

Search google: twilio github, twilio/twilio-ph. Install twilio-php via composer, in command line: composer require twilio/sdk this will add composer.json, composer.lock, vendor files.

Create index.php file: <?php

include './vendor/autoload.php';

if(isset($POST['mobile']) && isset($POST['msg'])){

$sid = '';
$token = '';

$client = new Twilio\Rest\Client($sid, $token);
$message = $client->message->create(
    $_POST['mobile'], array(
        'from' => '+89524572',
        'body' => $_POST['msg']

if ($message->sid){
    echo "Message sent!";




Sending SMS Using Twilio api

Enter Mobile:


Install wamp server, run php file in local server: localserver/TwilioSMS

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