SendHalp is an app that aims to get you immediate help from your vicinity and acts as a personal blackbox should unfortunate events befall its user. This app can be used by anybody and is particularly built with the vulnerable in mind. This app will allow you to select your trusted individual and allow you to send critical information to them during an emergency.


When unfortunate events to us occur, will anyone know? In our current world today, we see many people, especially children and the vulnerable, falling off the grid. This could be due to a multitude of reasons, be it an onset of sickness, kidnapping or other dire conditions. SendHalp aims to plug this gap through the use of a very well-established, orthodox device we all have. The mobile phone. Considering just Singapore, the tiny island nation boasts a mobile phone penetration rate of 154.1%. Leveraging on this, SendHalp has the potential to be each and everyone's personal blackbox. With SendHalp, somebody will look out for you.


SendHalp takes inspiration from the Shrill alarm, which has the function of alerting the nearby vicinity of immenient danger. It takes the functionality of the shrill alarm and augments it with added data points of location and audio right into the phone.

Feature List

  • Panic Button
    • Transmit Current GPS location
    • Audio Recording
    • Flashing lights
    • Alarm sounds

Features Planned

  • Companion App for the trusted individual
  • A multitude of different trigger parameters
  • Interface with wearable technologies

Built With

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