PyMACS is a minimalist browser OS with universal applicability from IoT applications in the field to academic use or universal use as a EMACS based browser OS, in python. With a host of API's, a microservice universe is the pandora box of pymacs. Postman API lends itself to documentation, mock testing of these API's, we describe the Unified messaging API and the send service.

What it does

Documentation for the Unified Messaging Send service API, testing and development. Use of AWS Amplify for REST services, along with wp-json and WP based hosting.

How we built it

The UI/UX of Postman API is straighforward in development and testing and the publishing of documentation for the send API.

Challenges we ran into

Deployment of the mock server ran into trojans in a "ground loop" or maybe in the localhost...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

pymacs documentation for the API microservices in one point, namely Postman.

What we learned

Mock Server testing frameworks, using Postman

What's next for Send Unified Message

Implementataions on AWS Amplify with Twillio API and sendmail

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