SendShop was the result in the need of quick, easy and secure file share from android devices. There are a lot of apps/websites providing the same functionality yet they are overly sophisticated. SendShop was made with the simplicity based in mind. It remove the tedious registration and uploading-to-server processes by serving the file right out of the device using the send-anywhere API.

How it works

In SendShop each user is automatically given a userid when they first use the app. This removes the requirement for the user to register while making it possible to stay anonymous since no extra data of the user is collected through the app. Then the user has to create a "Shop". A shop is basically a name given to a collection of files. A shop name should not have to be unique and it's entirely for the ease of user to manage the files. Once a shop is created the user can add any number of files or any given size to it. As soon as a file is added, it is shown under the "Files" tab.

Someone who would like to download the file can simply click on it and the download process starts. But the process would be done ONLY of the shop-owner if the given file is online at the moment. (Should have a running instance of sendshop). Thus this make it possible to reduce piracy of files while having high control of what and who gets the users file.

The payment gateways (yet to implement) will provide necessary features to enable transactions between 2 users making it possible to sell items out of the device.

Challenges I ran into

The hardest of all was to synchronize the 2 devices to start a successful transaction using send-anywhere api. I used the google app engine as the backend to support this task. Using it to maintain temporary records of transactions, the users are able to asynchronously start a transaction and then wait for the confirmation of the other party.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ability for a device to server a file instantly to any device including desktops (non android devices still can download available files from the sendShop website) is an accomplishment I'm proud of.

What I learned

Learned to work with the send-anywhere API which is of tremendous use in this app. Also the managing of no of transactions by queuing them when necessary.

What's next for Send Shop

1) Implementing the payment gateway and internal points system so users are more encouraged to share the files

2) Improving the platform to attract more users

3) Implementing more encryption to ensure continued security of users

4) A better file transaction management to prevent any disruptions during transaction

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