Given the numerous natural disasters constantly occurring in the world, we decided to create a website where people can easily donate to charities in order to support those who need it the most, based on the recency and magnitude of the disaster, using their own currency. This is where TransferWise plays a part, as they allow easy transfer of different currencies without much loss in exchange.

What It Does

The website shows a map of the world with marks on countries that have recently been hit by a natural disaster in red, and countries still affected by past disastrous events in orange, for donators to be aware of the countries that are in most need of support. When the pointer hovers over the marks, a summary of the natural disaster shows up, and by clicking on the button a fast donation can be made by filling in a form. With the use of TransferWise we made the transfers to charities in more straightforward way, with the least loss in money.

How We Built It

On, we identified areas recently struck by disasters, and using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, developed a website indicating these places on a world map.

Challenges We Ran Into

"API what?" "Why are the buttons everywhere?" "WHO TOUCHED THIS?!" - most frequently said phrases throughout the project.
Some of the team members were not familiar with web development, and these members initially found it difficult to program the website. Furthermore, API was completely new concept for all of us and it took a long time for us to grasp it. We are very thankful to receive lots of help from the dedicated TransferWise mentors. Through their help, we were able to overcome most of the difficulties and challenges faced.

Accomplishments That We’re Proud Of

Our website is a masterpiece, and we are very proud of it. Despite the fact that Celina and Muyao were new to HTML and CSS before, the front end looks very clean and polished, and the backend surprisingly works really well despite Tia not knowing what a JSON was 24 hours ago.

What We Learned:

"Patience is a virtue."
We have learned a lot, both in web development and in the usage of API, which we previously found foreign. We also learned the importance of dividing a project so as to be more efficient when working together.

What’s Next For ‘Send Help!’

The next step for ‘Send Help!’ is to use Machine Learning to identify recent natural disasters in the world from online news websites and add them to the map. :)

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