I was frustrated by the complexity of transferring a file between two computers. USB is a fiddle, Dropbox takes time to upload then download, Bittorrent-sync has a habit of not finding the other computer (and needs a long link to copy in the first place) and network shares require arduous setting up. I wanted something simpler, where you drag and drop, select a destination and press send. I succeeded in creating this kind of program.

How it works

The program automatically finds similar programs on the LAN, or if for whatever reason this doesn't happen quick enough you input the ipaddress in a better format of 2 or 3 short words. Inputting 'big dog eats' is quicker and easier to remember than inputting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's blazing fast and fixes a problem I have in my daily life. It's called what it is because you can send something quicker than you can same the name. Send fiiile.

What I learned

Java Swing looks horrible. #booyah

What's next for Send Fiiile

Polish. Will change to JavaFX maybe. Support for multiple connected network interfaces. Add ease of use functions, like remembering last few devices, or confirmation free transfer for even fewer clicks. Adding windows context menu options.

Built With

  • cristiano's-face
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