What's great about is that it's providing users with so many different options and flexibility, and yet, manages to keep it very clear and simple. I think it's an excellent platform for managing data within teams, but one thing I've noticed that was really missing, is the option to communicate easily with "outsiders" to Monday platform. From time to time, users need to send docs / messages / ads, based the data in Monday, to contacts such as customers, subscribers, suppliers, candidates, potential leads etc'. So far, there was no simple way to link the up-to-date data stored in to the "outer world". I thought it would be great if there was a tool inside of Monday, that enables users to easily create and send documents, personal messages, invitations, coupons, letters and more- to all kinds of contacts, inside, but also outside of the team. This is why I've decided to develop "SEND".

What it does

"SEND" allows you to create, save and send designed documents, customised ads, personal letters and instant messages, based on your chosen items / boards on In the spirit of, I tried to make the app flexible enough for most common scenarios, but still keep it simple to use, while keeping the style clean.

Things you can easily do with "SEND":

  1. Choose a pre-made template, edit it or create a new template (including uploading images and logos, change colors and edit texts...)
  2. Create a collection of customized templates for your specific needs.
  3. Send a client auto-personalized greeting card / ad with his name on.
  4. Send an official customer support correspondence / a letter from HR.
  5. Send flyers about properties on sale to potential buyers (with chosen details about the property appearing automatically of course).
  6. Send invitations to events, conferences, webinars etc. In the COVID-19 era, you can also add the link for the XMAS Zoom Party :)
  7. Send a reminder, a personal gift card, a coupon code or a special V.I.P. offer to a costumer.
  8. Send a Whatsapp message to a contact, in a click!
  9. and a lot more :)

User can use one of the pre-made templates (we will add more every week), or create a fully customized template, that will meet his needs best (just like enables :))

SEND makes it easy to send messages and links via Whatsapp, and soon we will add an option to send docs via Email, Facebook Messenger, and more.

How I built it

I used Vue on the client side and Golang on the server side - all with the help of Firebase (store, storage and hosting) and Google Drive API with Slides API.

Challenges I ran into

It was great using the sample apps of team. Webinars were excellent too, and saved me a lot of time. Most difficult thing for me, was to work with the "ItemView" life cycle. Creating a user experience with no absolute flow, was quite challenging. Besides that, everything went pretty smooth and easy. Communicate with Monday API was straight forward, and it was easy to test the app with live data from inside - all in all, it was a great developing experience! I ran into some problems with the Whatsapp Web API- it doesn't support the option to preview an image, unlike the mobile app. I had an idea about it, but I didn't have the time to try it out yet. Last challenge that was making it difficult to get all done in time was: my kids. They are very cute, but they are always a challenge for me :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was difficult to get everything on time for the contest, with 4 kids at home, in only 3 weeks, I managed to build a full backend on Google Cloud, communicate with Firesotre, Google Storage, Google Slides API, Google Drive API, API + web client in Vue connected to my web service and SDK. All while trying to fit the clean web design and UX without a real designer skills :) I'm proud that after all this effort, I have come up with a beautiful solution for users, and I will be very happy to continue to improve the app along feedbacks I will get.

What I learned

I learned a-lot about using Google cloud API and of course the API and SDK. And also I learned not to leave everything for the last minute :)

What's next for SEND

I think this app can be super useful for many, if not for all of, users. I do have a lot of new ideas and features I want to add to this app. Main roadmap would be:

  1. Adding more communication channels (like Email, Messenger etc).
  2. Adding automation, so users can set terms to send docs and messages automatically.
  3. Adding board-view for multi-items templates.
  4. Adding more and improved pre-made designs :)
  5. Getting feedbacks from the community, and keep improving SEND towards perfection :)
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