We've all been stranded in the cold, waiting for the senate bus to come. Never again!

What it does

See a comprehensive overview of where the senate bus is on a map, and get an accurate estimated time on when the next bus is coming (if it's late!). You can even see which buses are full so you don't have to wait out in the cold for the next one. If you're a minute away from the bus stop, you can even request the driver to wait for you!

How I built it

Used as a source and built Google Maps APIs into it. Hosted the website on Heroku and collaborated using GitHub

Challenges I ran into

Handling the Google API and integrating into the code

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we finished a proof of concept, which includes a complete Geolocation tracker & broadcaster, Map markers.

What I learned

We also became familiar with GitHub, APIs, Sublime, Terminal, Javascript, HTML/CSS

What's next for Senate Bus Tracker

Try and make it fully functional and operational. Integrate a mobile banking system into it so that buying physical bus tokens is not necessary anymore!

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