Socially Engineered Matching Service (SEMS) -> powered by Alljoyn.

What is it? A service that matches people with similar interests for social interaction

Why is it different? It can work WITHOUT INTERNET connection just over WiFi/Bluetooth or WiFi Direct

What sort of services? Dating, Movies, Skiing, Finance, Buying/Selling, Rock Climbing, Job Seeking ... Each service type is known as a 'domain'. People are matched according to the profiles they register for a domain.

How does it work? Install the SEMS application onto your Android or iOS or Windows or Blackberry device. Look out for information about the next SEMS event near you (InApp or flyers or local news etc). A SEMS event will be orientated around a particular domain. Add a profile for that domain using your application and attend the SEMS event. The SEMS software will automatically match you with others at the same location connected to the same Wifi network. You can chat/message with matched parties. You can block/reject matched parties. You may receive discount coupons. You may receive some relevent InApp Ads.

A relevent example! Lets imagine the 'flirt' domain. The domain is automatically downloaded to an already installed SEMS app. The profile could be a picture, gender and age -> this is captured via the application. An event is organised. Some people turn up with the app already installed others do not. People can install and use the app there and then. Users connect to the local wifi and the app does the rest - Matches people and allows chatting for free. Users can blog about the venue, prices of drinks, comment about the guy and girls there, how is the music etc. This real-time info is uploaded to the backend SEMS server via a SEMS host at the venue (free to the customer). The real-time data can be uses as part of a big data analytics to determine advertising profiles for example.

What happens when I am not at a SEMS event? The app will show you a google map of the SEMS events in your area. The venue icon will show for example the ratio of guys to girls, the average age, average price of a beer etc. This is real-time information! You may then decide just to turn up. For example you could see a SEMS event at a movie theatre and decide you want to see a movie since the ticket is cheap. You may also receive Ads and free coupons for drinks at certain venues. This will attract people to a places that are empty for example.

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