Inspired by the visually appealing performance art of poi as well as a previous project we worked on that used interesting snake mechanics, we decided to combine the concepts into something cool!

What it does

You can control a beam of light on the screen, although it looks more like a snake and moves based on key commands. Your point of view revolves around your original snake and you make patterns by customizing the snake as it moves. Doing this with friends on a larger map makes for a more fun experience in theory.

How I built it

SVG and flask for the animations, flask for a basic website setup, and html/css of course.

Challenges I ran into

Ajax was difficult to work with and we weren't sure if we should have used a database to allow multiple people to access the coordinates of other people's

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was fun to test out and I managed to get distracted from working on the project by playing with the project.

What I learned

Ajax is hard. SVG is not meant for games but we went too far with it so we're using it anyways.

What's next for Semper-Flow

Rewriting the project in more suitable languages

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