We both have participated in Secret Santa gift exchanges before, but rarely during them no one gets what they actually want, because it's random. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we figured this would be the perfect hack to make!

What it does

SemiSeecretSanta lets you create a gift exchange party and match people based on preference lists, giving everyone something that they would like to have. It's still secret santa, but now with gifts you actually want!

How we built it

We built the webserver using Node.js and Koa. By separating the gift process into easy to understand steps and then running the Gale-Shapley algorithm to find a stable matching between people and presents!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some issues as it was our first time using Koa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of this whole project from start to finish! We definitely think it has a lot of practical uses and hope to polish it up and let people use it in the near future!

What we learned

Tristan learned a lot about The Gale-Shapley algorithm and both of us learned about Koa.

What's next for SemiSeecretSanta

Polishing up and putting on AWS for the world to use!

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