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Meccas is one of the most peaceful and blissful places in the world. People often go there to let go of the sorrow, sadness and to try and purify themselves of the sins that they cant help but do during the time of the year. However what happens when all of this is lost due to the fact that a loved one or the person him/her-self is lost. what happens when others steal the money that they carry and those who came with the purest of intentions are robbed. Even though they try as hard as possible to hang on to every bit of faith they acquire; all of the of the peace and serenity one has reached is demolished. After perceiving all of this we built a platform that will help them to focus on their true mission and decrease the lost and facilitates their payment process.

What it does

The application we built acts as a pilgrim guide. Not only does it use the personalized QR code of the pilgrim to locate the pilgrim's tent, Makkah hotel, or Madinah hotel depending on the users choice. It also allows him/her to go cashless and pay using the QR code. This application empowers pilgrims and enables them to help those in need when they are lost.

How we built it

It's an ios mobile application, so we used swift and the google-places API for the tents map.

Challenges we ran into

When we were building this application, we faced multiple challenges. One was that our group members use different languages, so we had to adapt to a single language to produce the best output. We also faced a problem due to the fact that google maps does not have the paths between tents, so the route suggested is not always the shortest one. Moreover, we had to manually label the tent locations which was tedious. Also, we faced slight issues with the ux design because we did not have a designer in the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of completing 90% of the features we planned to add and learning new languages and polishing our app development skills.

What we learned

We learned how to use google APIs and to work in a team. We also learned how to develop a business model and pitch our idea. It was also interesting to discover our inner designer talents. Moreover, the workshops were very helpful and opened our eyes to aspects of software development that we may have not considered in the past.

What's next for Semaly - سمالي

Semaly aims to alleviate pilgrims' worries and stress whether that is because of getting lost or losing their money. We plan to make Semaly's payment method available in all points of sales and services across the Mashaer and more secure as this is an important concern of ours. We believe this can be implemented in the future using special payment devices. We also want to make Semaly more accessible to users whether that is by providing multiple languages or by adding sound support. In addition, we plan to expand Semaly's platforms to support stations that will be widespread in the Mashaer to allow pilgrims with no internet access or smartphones to use the services that Semaly provides.

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