The love of pixel art.

What it does

Takes in a pixel perfect image and automates selective outlining for an image to save time for pixel artists. It doesn't pick up 100%(more like 80%) of the outlines but for the purposes of saving the artist more time it works perfectly.

How we built it

Harshith and Jed developed the main code which:

  • takes the image
  • selects which pixels to change
  • changes pixels depending on adjacent pixels Alex made the website(with wizardry). Barney: graphics designer, team leader and coder.

Challenges I ran into

Lunch was 3 hours late. Werewolf for 3 hours. Bugs generally.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a decently finished product for our first hackathon.

What I learned

Image manipulation in python using Pillow. First time coding collaboratively.

What's next for SelOut

Iterative algorithm that shades all outline pixels. Other tools to help pixel art artists.

Built With

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